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Please continue to log on to Times Tables Rockstars- can you beat your scores from yesterday? Are you getting quicker at answering every question?


Today I would like you to try the Maze reasoning problem. Follow the instructions and information carefully. 


Maze 100

In this maze there are numbers in each of the cells. You go through adding all the numbers that you pass. You may not go through any cell more than once.

Can you find a way through in which the numbers add to exactly 100?

What is the lowest number you can make going through the maze?

What is the highest number you can make going through the maze? (Remember you may not go through any cell more than once.)

Key questions

Tell me about your journey through the maze. 
How are you choosing where to go next? 
What do you notice about the structure of the maze? 
How could you adjust your journey to get closer to 100 rather than starting again at the beginning? 

How will you record what you have tried?
How is your recording supporting you to solve this challenge? 

Possible extension

You could ask questions such as:

  • Is there more than one way through the maze that totals 100? 
  • What is the highest total? Lowest total? 
  • Can you go through the maze and make a total that is a multiple of 10? A prime number? 



Please complete the following reading comprehension. Remember to write in full sentences. 



Today in science we are going to be learning about the skeleton. I would like you to work through the PowerPoint, learning about the different bones and their importance. You can also use the BBC link too. I would then like you to draw a picture of the human skeleton and label as many bones as you can.