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Thoresby Class

Welcome to Thoresby Class!


Teacher - Mr Bell       Teaching Assistants - Mrs Brammer and Mrs Dilks
 Year 4/5

Mrs McCook also works in our class on Wednesday and Thursday!

Welcome to Thoresby Class and Thank you for visiting our class page.

In Thoresby class we do lots of exciting and fun lessons through a curriculum chosen by ourselves!

We always work hard in all our lessons and enjoy working together as one big team - GO TEAM THORESBY!

See below a list of our topics for this year:

Autumn Term 1 - Thrill and Spills. Outcome - Apprentice Task: Design a new big wheel
Autumn Term 2 - Food Glorious Food! Outcome - Design a smoothie! 'Fruity Friday' 
Spring Term 1 - Lights, Camera, Action. Outcome - Animation Clips
Spring Term 2 & Summer 1 - Keen to be green! Outcome - Dragons Den Inventions
Summer Term 2 - How to become an Author.  Outcome - Book launch party!
Summer Term 2 - The Terrible Tudors. Outcome - Tudor Banquet

This is our weekly time table:
Monday:      AM - Literacy and Numeracy       Assembly - Pupil of the Week - 10.15 - 10.30am
                   PM - Topic Work: The Terrible Tudors!

Tuesday:     AM - Literacy and Numeracy     
                   PM - P.E and R.E

Wednesday:AM - Literacy and Numeracy
                   PM - PSHE and Spanish

Thursday:   AM - Literacy and Numeracy  - Spellings and Times Table Tests
                   PM - P.E and Maths with Mr Fotheringham

Friday:        AM - Literacy and Numeracy            Assembly: Special Mentions 10.15 - 10.30am
                   PM - Topic work and Golden Time

Homework: Hand out day - Fridays.   Hand in day - Wednesdays.

We hope that you enjoy visiting our website and perhaps one day you might come and visit in person!Have you seen the Kids' Zone? Play games, and visit some cool websites. You can vote for your favourites!

Check out what we get up to in Thoresby Class!!!
Our taste of China day
Mmmm what shall we have?
Our yummy banquet
I will pick these noodles up!
Sophie using chopsticks!
How many medals Luke???
Henry and Catherine Parr
The lovely Catherine Howard
Henry meeting Catherine of Aragon
The Tudor Factor!!
We have the Tudor Factor!
Check out our big wheel
The boys working hard
Fizzy chocolate wheel!
Dragons Den task
Alex and his car trading game
Sophie's musical shoes
Luke's impressive bird feeder!
Science day with Miss Kelham
Our fantastic work on display in Portland
Weeeee this looks like fun!
Investigating friction
Portland Science day
Duncan on the hovercraft
Making Tudor biscuits
Baking our Jumbles!
Our reflection corner
We love writing!
Super Smoothie Display!
Sophie's fantastic smoothie design
Paul Klee
Pupil voice
We celebrate everyones achievements
Harvest time
Art day
Sam concentrating...
Making our big wheels
The apprentice task
The girls working together
Mrs Brammer
Bradford school trip