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Thoresby Class

For our first activity, we watched the NSPCC 'Speak Out, Stay Safe' video where we met Buddy and learnt about feeling safe. We completed an activity which allowed us to think about what makes us feel happy and safe and who to contact if this is not the case. We learnt that, as well as speaking to a trusted adult, we could contact Childline on 0800 1111 or through their website 

Then, we discovered more about consent and what that means. We discussed these key questions:


• What does the person mean when they say “personal space”?

• Can you give any examples of invading personal space?

• Why do you think they feel upset and angry?

• Do you think shouting is a good idea? Why/why not?


We completed an activity on personal space and learnt about how this is different for everyone and that we need to respect each person's individual boundaries. 

We then looked at different scenario examples and gave each character some advice. 


Our key learning was:

- Personal boundaries are important and different for each person

- How to ask for, give and not give permission

- Who to talk to if we need further help

We then applied our learning to create our own consent themed board games. The questions to progress on each game were related to what we have learnt today and our existing knowledge of healthy relationships.