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In Science, we have been looking at what materials are best suited for certain tasks. We had a super fun experiment and looked at a range of materials including foil, paper, cling film and sponge to determine which one was the best for cleaning up a spillage. The children had extremely good knowledge of which material they would use to clean up the spillage and they discovered that the sponge was the best one. Some children went on to discuss how the sponge got heavier because it absorbed more water. Also, they were able to determine that some materials, like paper, can absorb some of the water but not all of it. Here are the pictures from the experiment. 

We have been learning about what materials are made of and thinking about why materials are used for specific things. Why are castles now made of stone? We thought about how stone is strong and will last in rainy weather too. We looked around the classroom for items that were made from paper, brick, plastic, metal, wood and glass and thought about why these materials had been chosen. We used the words 'transparent' and 'opaque' to describe the properties of each material and thought about which one we used most in the classroom.


We have then been describing materials and their properties and tried to group them together!

Describing and Grouping Materials