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Week beginning 14th September

Water Safety

Today, we have been made aware that children have been swimming in the canal over the weekend. As a class we have discussed the dangers of this and the impact it could have on the children and other people. The following website has useful information 



This week we have continued to explore our topic 'The Aztecs' and have created a historical timeline of key events. We have also identified and could recall some key facts.



In science we have been learning about adaptation and how animals adapt to their environment. We have identified different habitats and written about the different ways the animals have adapted. 



In English we have been learning about the different story genres. We have explored the features and settings of these genres and have written some captivating story openers.



In Maths we have been learning to order decimals and have discussed the place value of numbers after the decimal place. We have also been learning to multiply and divide by 10, 100 and 1000.  



In Art we have been learning about the artistic style of the Aztecs. We have been learning about the God's they worshipped and what they included in their artwork. We then started to create our own artwork based on a piece of famous Aztec art.