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Week beginning 23rd November

Monday 23rd November - Please send completed work to


For English, please read chapter 13 and complete the comprehension questions.

In Maths this week, we will be focusing on our 4 times tables. Please complete the 4 times table worksheet.

Use the video to help you.

In history, we are starting to learn about the history of Cadbury's. Please read this booklet about Cadbury's and use the interesting information to create an exciting poster.

Tuesday 24th November - Please email completed homework to


In English, we will be reading chapter 14 of our class book: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. After you have read the chapter, your task is to identify features of a diary entry. Please read the diary entry and highlight any important features (who it is to and from, adjectives, introduction, exciting sentence starters, etc).

In Maths, your worksheet is based on dividing by 4. Please use your knowledge of your 4 times tables and watch the video to help you.

Wednesday 25th November - Please email any completed work to


In English today, we are planning our diary entry. For our diary, you will be writing it from Charlie's point of view. It will be based on Charlie's first impressions of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. Please use the chapters 14 and 15 from our class book to help you.


In Maths, we are continuing to look at the 4 times tables. Please use your knowledge from the previous worksheets to help you completed todays task. Use the video to help. 

Thursday 26th November - Please send any completed work to


For English, please use your plan which you made yesterday and write a diary entry about Charlie's first impressions. Try to include adjectives, times conjunctions, FANBOYS and speech in your diary entry.


In Maths, please watch the video and complete the maths worksheet about your 8 times tables.

In art, we are looking at Aztec art. Please read the PowerPoint. Once you have read it, please use the different techniques the Aztec's used and create your own Aztec art.

Friday 27th November - Please send any completed homework to


For English, please complete your Big Write. 


In maths, we are focusing on dividing by 8. Please watch the video and complete the worksheet.

In RE, we will be learning about Hanukkah. Please follow the PowerPoint to learn about Hanukkah. Use the information from the PowerPoint and create a factual poster.