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Working as part of a democracy

Friday 21st April 2023


In Welbeck Class we use our right to vote throughout the school year. As we understand that we are a democracy, we discuss our opinions and vote for the best interests of the people in our class. We regularly use our right to vote to vote for pupil of the term. We vote based on who we believe has contributed positively to our classroom environment, followed the Golden Expectations or made great improvements in their work. We also regularly vote for how we would like to spend our Golden Times.


Recently, we used our right to vote to vote for our class Diversity Champions. We had 13 children out of the class who wanted the opportunity to take on this role. Each child was asked to prepare a speech to explain to the class the qualities that they could bring to the role. Some children wrote a formal speech whilst others spoke from memory. The children identified the importance of equality, inclusion and diversity and could explain how they would help teach the protected characteristics. It was fantastic to see the children speak confidently about their positive qualities and it was lovely to see how dedicated to the role the children would be. The children in Welbeck used their right to vote to choose four children in our class that would be our champions.