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We spent our Maths lessons last week learning about decimals - the place value of each number, rounding, multiplying and dividing. Today, we are going to solidify our understanding by adding and subtracting money. Remember, the decimal point never moves! Can you use the column method to work out the calculations below?


1. £16.74 + £6.90

2. £31.85 + £27.85

3. £53.49 + £11.57

4. £27.08 + £23.56

5. £45.62 + £8.94

6. £89.67 + £39.27


7. £18.29 - £6.95

8. £74.80 - £15.73

9. £56.58 - £21.73

10. £33.71 - £16.35

11. £47.26 - £17.42

12. £29.04 - £20.69


13. A blue jacket costs £58.39. A green jacket costs £17.36 more than the blue. How much does the green jacket cost? 

14. Richie has £61.75. He spends £28.92. How much does he have left? 

15. Bianca has £478.36 in her bank account and £65.85 in cash at home. How much does she have altogether? How much would she have left if she spent £232.94? 


Today in our GPS lesson we are focusing on another investigation relating to prefixes. Have a look at the investigation page below and study the hypothesis - do you think it is true or not? Then, write as many words as you can in each column that have the relevant prefix. You can use a dictionary to help you! Don't forget to complete the conclusion at the end - following your investigation, is the hypothesis true? Explain your reasoning too. 


Last week, we wrote biographies on Amelia Earhart after learning a lot about her life in lessons and as part of our homework task. We studied the features of biographies and made sure we included them in our writing - can you remember what these features are? 


This week, we are following the same process of researching, planning and writing a biography. But this time you can choose who the subject of your biography is! Choose someone who you find interesting - what have they achieved? What would you like to find out about them? 


This lesson is focusing on the planning part of the process. Who are you going to write about and why? What information are you going to need in order to write a biography? Remember that you need factual information. What key achievements have they done that you already know about and would like to focus on? This lesson is all about planning. We will research and write later on in the week! 


We always have a PE lesson on a Monday and this half term our focus is on gymnastics. In school, we are going to discuss different balances and ways to help balance and coordination! Can you perform any of your own balances? Remember how we discussed the fluidity between movements and how they were linked together as a routine rather than a series of separate moves. Can you create your own routine that demonstrates at least 4 balances? 


If you don't have space for gymnastics at home, any physical exercise is a great idea if you feel up to it! Remember there are plenty of activities on YouTube - Cosmic Yoga, Just Dance or PE with Joe. 


This PSHE lesson, we are focusing on the law surrounding money or personal items that have been found. You should remember our previous learning on money - bank statements, bills, budgeting and money safety. Can you tell your grown ups about any of these topics? 


Read the Finders Keepers story using the below link. Think about the morality of the situation - can you justify the actions of the characters? 


Then, have a look at the dilemma cards and discuss the possible options for each one using the 'Stop and Think' sheet. Think about the moral argument but also what the temptations could be. How does this influence your position on the dilemma? 


Then, have a read of the fact sheet to ensure you understand the laws around this subject.