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Today in English, we will be completing our Cold Write for our next piece of writing. 

I would like you to look at the pictures below and use them to create a myth of legend story in an Ancient Greek style. 

This will usually include a hero (or maybe two) defeating a dangerous creature to save someone. You can use any of the Gods or Goddesses as well as any of the characters from Who Let the Gods Out to help you as well. 

Remember this is a cold write, not a big write - I want to see what you can already do and what we need to learn more about. 


Today we will be continuing our learning about equivalent fractions. 

Watch the video and have a go at the questions. 

Spr5.4.3 - Equivalent fractions on Vimeo 


On Wednesday's at school we have PE and Swimming. Please take some time to complete some exercise at home if you are able.