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Our link school - Mkwajuni Primary School in Tanzania

You may remember a few weeks ago in one of our Collective Worship sessions, we looked at a PowerPoint from EdUKAid and learnt about our link school in Tanzania. We discussed how life there was different to life here and the work that the charity do to improve outcomes for children and provide them with food, clean water and somewhere safe to learn. Today we are going to write the children at the school letters to introduce ourselves and tell them about us as individuals and our school. You could explain what life in England is like and how school is here. Maybe ask a few questions that you would like to find out from them too. If you write your letter and bring it in to school when you are back, we can send it off so the children at Mkwajuni school can read it! 


Have a look back at yesterday's focus 15 words - can you spell them correctly? Today we are going to focus on how to group these words together - how are they similar? You may see that some words have the same prefix or a similar sound. Think about how you could group them in order to find familiarities and help you spell the words. 


We are continuing our learning of French language today by studying French words for different fruits. Have a look at the PowerPoint below at the different words for fruits - you will notice that most fruit names are feminine. Have you spotted that the only masculine one from the examples is grape? How did you know that?

Once you are happy with the vocabulary (try and see if a grown up can help you with the pronunciation or have a listen to the sound files on the PowerPoint), complete the worksheet to practise your written French. 


We have discussed the views of different religions in terms of how they see life as a journey. Today we are going to learn about the Hinduism perspective. Have a watch of the videos below and then write down how a birth is celebrated in Hinduism. What do Hindus believe about the afterlife? What did they do with a person's ashes and why? 


You can present your ideas however you choose to do so - you may decide on a poster of information or bullet points answering each question. 

Can you see any similarities or differences between Hindu beliefs and those we have studied so far - Islam and Christianity? 

Golden Time

This afternoon we have Golden Time, so please take some time to relax and do an activity of your choice. Try and keep away from the screens if you can!