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Maths- Fractions

Thursday 21st November 2019


Over the last couple of days, the children have been learning to order fractions using Cuisenaire rods. The children were told that the 8th rod (brown) was worth 1 whole one and they were asked to find the rod that would be ½ ¼ and ¾ . After that, the children were then asked to investigate what the other eight rods would be worth.  Using the information they already had, the children were able to find other fractions including 1/8 and 3/8.


Next, the children had to use the fractions that they found to find equivalent fractions. Some doubled the original fraction and others were able to use their knowledge of the fraction to create equivalent fractions 150 times bigger than the original fraction.


Finally, the children used the original fractions to create number sentences with addition and subtraction. Some children then moved on to multiplication and division questions.