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Year 2

This week was our first lesson learning about plants! We thought about the structure of a plant and the purpose of each part - the stem, the roots, the leaves and the petals. We drew our own plant and labelled it, including lots of detailed information about why each part is important. Then, we went outside to the field and the Eco Garden to look at the plants that are around us. 

We have planted our seeds! We completed an experiment where we had to discuss what we wanted to find out and the method we would use when conducting the experiment. What would we keep the same and what would we change? Some of us decided to change the location of the plant to provide more sunlight, some of us have changed the amount of water the plant receives and some of us have decided to leave the plant on the windowsill to see what happens! Each group selected the amount of soil they would use and then planted their seeds - cress, tomatoes or marigold flowers. We will see the results of our experiment next week and discuss what we did to make growing successful. What do plants really need to survive?