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Monday 4th January



Today you are going to be thinking about what makes a good theme park and you are going to design your own with a price limit of £500,000. Use the PowerPoint to look at the full list of instructions and use the Excel document to plan your design. Remember to keep count of the money you have spent. I am looking forward to seeing your designs. 

Religious Education


We are going to start to learn about the rights that every human has. Work through the PowerPoint and try to answer the key questions. Once you have done that look at the worksheet called the 'Human Rights Cards'. Can you match the right to the article? 



Complete the mental arithmetic questions. Remember to work through them as quickly as you can. Set yourself a timer for 10 minutes and try to get them completed in that time.


Main Activity-

We are recapping on measuring angles. Use the PowerPoint to recap on the different angle names. Can you remember what size each angle is? There is a game on the PowerPoint to help you practise measuring angles. Once you have done that try the worksheet. 



Use the PowerPoint to challenge yourself. Can you draw 2D shapes with given dimensions?





We are going to be recapping on bullet points. Use the following website to work through the activity. Watch the video to recap and then complete the whiteboard activity.


Main Activity- 


Tomorrow you are going to be writing a recount about your Christmas holidays. Today, I would like you to plan your ideas. Think about:

- Christmas Day- What did you do? Who did you see? What presents did you get? What did you eat?

- New Years Eve/ Day- What did you do? How were you feeling about New Year? Did you stay up late?

- What did you do in the run up to Christmas?

- What did you do at home? Did you bake? Watch films? Play games? Learn something new?



Remember to continue to practise your spellings. This weeks spellings are:


- siege

- niece

- grief

- chief

- fiend

- shriek

- believe

- achieve

- convenience

- mischievous