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Super visit to Sundown Adventure land!

We have had a fantastic day at Sundown. We have played in crash landings, sailed on the pirate ride (Mr Bell got squirted by a giant Octopus), seen Santa Claus fast asleep, had an ice-cream, visited the three bears house, climbed with the angry birds and went on train ride to see Robin Hood! You have been great listeners and your behaviour has been amazing - You should all feel very proud. Well done Creswell class!
All aboard the Rocky Mountain train ride.
What shall we make for dinner?
Sing us a song boys!
Enjoying the lollies!
Having a picnic in the beautiful sunshine.
Counting all the money.
Doing the washing-up!
Oh no! You have been captured by the witch.
What are we cooking today?
Impressive climbing.
Spinning around with the Angry Birds.
Bouncing up and down on 'The Giggy Piggies' ride.
On the 'Okie Yolkie' ride.
A beautiful day for digging
Time to get wet!