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Phonics WB:18.05.20

Phonics focus of the day - 18th May, 2020 -

Today we are going to focus on 'adjacent consonants' again (cvcc/ccvc words) But today's words may have more than one 'quick-as-a-flash' sound in them (ccvcc) or it may have 3 consonants together! (cccvcc) Phew! That is tricky!

Have a go at reading these words and see if you can spot the 'quick-as-a-flash sounds' - 

crept, twist, drift, split, splint, bench, blast, swift, strap, strand, drench, crisp, plump, plant, stamp


  • Can you say these sounds? Can you spot the consonants?
  • If a grown up writes them down can you read these words?
  • Can you spell some these words if a grown up reads them out?
  • Practise spotting the difference between a vowel and a consonant sound - What are all the consonants in the alphabet?


Remember to use your 'robot arms' to sound out these words. 


  • Can you write 1 sentence using 1 or more of these words in it?

Phonics focus 19th May, 2020

Today's phonics focus is going to be another language focus lesson that will have some of those 'quick- as- a-flash' sounds that we looked at yesterday.

Ask a grown up to write down these sentences - Can you read them out loud?

When the rain stops, we can go out.

One of my boots is split.

What can I do?


Now if a grown up reads these sentences out loud - Can you write them down?

I can twist and turn.

It is a soft quilt.

A crisp frost.

Can you find all the adjacent consonants? Some of them might be at the beginning of the word today or at the end!

Phase 4 Phonics Final Consonant Blends

Phase 4 Phonics Final Consonant Blends Final consonant blends appear at the end of words.

Phonics focus of the day - 21st May, 2020 -


Today we are going to look back at recap on all the sounds we have been learning in phase 3 - There are quite a lot of sounds, so what I would like you to do is practise them everyday, see how many you can remember and look back at the ones you may have forgotten.

I have attached our jolly phonics sound mat that we use in class so that you can practise. If you can, you might want to print one out.


  • Can you say all these sounds?
  • Can you sing the jolly phonics songs that go with these sounds?
  • Can you practise writing these sounds?
  • How many do you know? How many do you need to practise again?
  • Can you spot these digraphs/trigraphs in words?


You can always look back at previous weeks on here and practise the sounds that you are struggling with.

The jolly phonics sound mat will have sounds on it from phase 5 that we have not yet looked at, it just shows you other spelling choices that the sound can also make. The children usually learn these in Year 1. 

I have also added a phonics blog post on purple mash so that you can let me know how your child is doing with phase 3 phonics and any sounds they may be struggling with, do let me know when you get the chance - Thank you Mr Bell

Jolly Phonics sound mat - Phase 2,3 and 5 sounds

Jolly Phonics - Phase 3 songs

Still image for this video
This video does not contain all of the phase 3 sounds.