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We have begun our focus on gymnastics by learning about and practising different rolling movements. We started off by completing a simple forward roll and then added in a smooth transition to stand in order to develop our strength. We discussed how we need agility, flexibility and core strength in gymnastics, which is different to other sports we have taken part in so far this year. Following this, we attempted a forward roll into a stand and then another forward roll afterwards! Some of us then managed to complete backwards rolls too. We concentrated on ensuring our chins were tucked in to our chests so that we didn't injure ourselves. We will be moving on to jumps and will also be using our apparatus to practise balancing and climbing too.

This week, we have been focusing on jumping! We have worked hard to perfect our jumps and thought carefully about how we land safely. We used a range of different equipment of varying heights to jump from and we also changed the type of jump we did - we tried pencil jumps, star jumps and even tuck jumps!

This week was our first week using the apparatus in school! We were so sensible and careful whilst using this equipment and were able to practise climbing, balancing and develop upper body strength. We discussed the key vocabulary, such as agility, balance, control and flexibility and have a good understanding of what those tricky words mean. We used lots of new equipment in order to develop our knowledge of gymnastics and put it into practice. 

This week, we have continued using the apparatus. The children have been focusing on moving with increased control and care. They are all fantastic at using the equipment and can explain why we need to take our shoes and socks off and lots of different ways to keep safe when we use the equipment.