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Tuesday 17th November


Just like yesterday, I would like you to start with mental arithmetic. Remember to try and answer all questions within 10 minutes. Then I would like you to apply your understanding of multiplication and division to answer the word problems. 



Act of Kindness- Choose a person in your household and over the week complete five different acts of kindness towards them. Plan your ideas and write down their responses. 



This week we are going to be looking at the circulatory system. Use the PowerPoint and then create a detailed, labelled diagram of the circulatory system. Then I would like you to complete an experiment- create a table with three columns labelled: exercise, heart beats per minute, how I feel. Take part in 5 short pieces of exercise e.g. running on the spot, star jumps etc. and after a minute check your pulse. How many times per minute does your heart beat? Which form of exercise makes your heart beat faster? Remember to take a break between each activity so that your heart rate returns to normal.