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Week Beginning 11th May

Weekly Maths Tasks


White Rose Hub have created a home learning section which includes 5 maths lessons. The children can watch the 5 minute video explaining the task and then complete the work sheet. They are providing 5 lessons per week which follows the Year 3 curriculum. 

Weekly Writing Task


This week I would like you to write your own fractured fairy tale. 


1. Choose a fairy tale and recap the story. What are you going to change about the fairy tale? 

2. Plan your fractured fairy tale by creating a story board of it.

3. Write your introduction to your fractured fairy tale. Remember to introduce the characters and describe where its set.

4. Write the problem to your fractured fairy tale.

5. Write the ending to your fractured fairy tale.


Please try to include our Year 3 grammar and the important features of a story. You will need to include adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions, similes, paragraphs, exciting sentence starters, year 3 spellings and written in chronological order.

BBC Bitesize Daily


BBC Bitesize have created daily lessons for the children to do which follow the Year 3 curriculum. They include daily maths and English lessons and 1 topic lesson.

Oak National Academy


Similar to White Rose Maths, Oak National Academy have designed an online classroom where they are uploading a range of lessons each week tailored towards the year 3 curriculum. These include 5 English and Maths lessons and a range of foundation subjects including Science, History and Modern Foreign Languages.  This may be a resource that you would like to use at home throughout the next couple of weeks.














Word of the Week


Victory- noun


'an act of defeating an enemy or opponent in a battle, game, or other competition.'


Can you write five sentences using this word? 

R.E. Resources


Natre is a website where you will find free resources and activities to complete during this home learning period. It covers a range of aspects relating to Religious Education and has lots of fun activities for the children to do.  

Thy Kingdom Come:


These are some good prayer activities for your children to complete for the Thy Kingdom Come event on the 21st of May. See the link below.