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Week beginning 9th November

Tuesday 10th November


Read the Vlad book on the presentation. This book is all about a rat and flea during the Great Fire of London. I would like you to read the book and think of some questions that you would like to ask the characters?



For Maths I would like you to complete the Power Point. Can you tell the time quarter to and quarter past the hour? Complete the green sheet.



Read the Great Fire of London powerpoint. What is a timeline? Place the cards in chronological order for the events of the Great Fire of London and create your own timeline about the Great Fire of London using the sheet.



Complete the powerpoint based on the sound.

In Maths, we are learning all about cm! Read  the powerpoint and complete the task sheet. Can you find any objects in your home that are longer than 15cm?


We are completing a lovely painting in Art based on remembrance day. Follow the instructions to make your beautiful painting!

For Big Write, could you please write a recount all about the Great Fire of London. Think about when the fire started and how it ended. Who was involved? How did it build up?


For Maths, you are going to be measuring in cm and completing the mental arithmetic. Think about how many mm are in 1cm? Have a look at the powerpoint and answer the true or false questions. Complete the green sheet. 

For Maths we are looking at right angles. Look at powerpoint and think about the directions, which is left ad right? Which way is anti clockwise and clockwise? Complete mental artithmetic and then the green sheet.


For your spelling activity, look at your spellings from this week. On your sheet, I would like you to draw flowers and put a spelling inside each one. For the petals I would like you to put a letter in each one to spell the word. For example, grass would need five petals.


For phase 5 phonics, we have been looking at the phoneme 'ch' spelt as 'tch'. Spot the phoneme on the sheet and pronounce these words to a grown up. Can you read the words correctly?