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English at St. Luke's

The English Curriculum is separated into Reading, Writing and Speaking and Listening as well as English Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling. On this page, you will be able to find out more about how we teach each aspect of English and how our curriculum for English works together. You will be able to access the English Policy and Curriculum Overviews as well as other useful documents and examples of how this is put into practise in our school. 


Intent Statement

At St. Luke’s Church of England primary school, our vision for teaching and learning in English is that all pupils are inspired to read, write and communicate confidently and fluently, with good accuracy, understanding and expression. We strive for all children to develop good listening skills and that they can apply their language skills across all curriculum areas.


Through our English teaching, we aim to support and challenge all pupils to make good progress by planning engaging lessons, inspiring interests and fostering a love of reading and writing that will last into later life. We believe it is important that all children develop positive reading habits which in turn, inspires their speaking and listening skills as well as their written work. We encourage children to use a wide range of vocabulary at all times so that our classrooms are ‘language rich’ environments where the children all have a positive attitude to developing their own language skills. We offer a creative and inclusive curriculum which inspires, engages and challenges the children through practical activities, discussion, planning and editing to foster independence across the curriculum.


English Policy

The English Policy outlines how the English Curriculum is planned, taught, learnt and assessed at St. Luke's. It separates the English Curriculum into the different strands that make up teaching and learning of English. 

Long Term Overview and Progression

Our Long term overview and Progression document is taken from the Chris Quigley Essentials Curriculum that we follow as a school. This is broken down into Milestones to allow pupils to make progress in two-yearly intervals. This allows for individuals to progress at their own level and pace.