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For our last lesson on fractions for a little while, I would like you to apply your knowledge to solve some word problems. Remember to decode the question to work out what you are being asked to do. The worksheet attached has three different star levels - 1 star being the simplest and 3 star being the trickiest. Please choose one of these levels, you do not need to do all three. 


I hope you have found this topic OK to get through, we can always chat about any issues when we get back in class smiley

Big Write


This week's Big Write task is to write a non-chronological report on chocolate. Try to remember the features of a non-chronological report, which we have looked at in class before. You may need to research some facts about chocolate in order to keep your report accurate. You should be writing for around 45 minutes. Use the checklist once you have finished to see how you did!

Golden Time


Remember to take some time to relax this week, you can do this however you choose. 


I have also uploaded the next chapter of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for you to enjoy. 

Design & Technology


The task today is to design your own chocolate bar packaging! Think about how existing chocolate bar packaging looks - what do you like and dislike about these designs? How would you like yours to look and what would you like your chocolate bar to be called? 


I can't wait to see your creative designs! Send photos to


Have a wonderful weekend everyone smiley