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We are continuing our learning of fractions this week, and today's topic is fractions greater than 1. Have a look at the video from White Rose Maths and then try the worksheet. Let me know how you get on or if you need any more help smiley



This week, we are moving on to look at persuasive writing. I will keep uploading chapters of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for those who are enjoying listening to it, but they are now not essential to our learning or tasks. 


Can you find any examples of persuasive writing in your house? What do you notice about these? Are there any specific features you can see across all of them? How do the images or words make you feel? Are the writers trying to bring out a specific emotion in the reader? Do you think written adverts or those on TV or radio are more convincing and why? 


Have a think about all of the above questions and make some notes of your thoughts. Then, I would like you to find a boring, everyday item around your house and try and write a paragraph to sell your item. What would you say to encourage others to buy it from you? How could you interest the reader in your product? 


Here is my example:


Come and buy this beautiful kitchen roll. It is so useful, you can never be without it! It has the most exquisite design detail on each piece, and the best thing is that you get 100 sheets in just one roll! Why on earth would you miss out on this amazing opportunity? You would be the envy of all of your friends with this sturdy roll of paper. Don't miss out - only £2.50 for this week only! 



We are continuing to think about the environment in our PHSE lesson this week. Have a think about Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. How does a factory impact the environment? We will be looking at designing and building our own chocolate factory over the next few weeks - but what are the implications of this on the environment? How could we make a new factory but with the lowest impact on the environment? Do you think the benefits of new buildings outweigh the damage they do to our planet? 


Let me know your thoughts!



More Aztec work today - this week is about Aztec Gods. Using the PowerPoint, read about some of the Aztec Gods and their beliefs about their purpose. Then, choose your favourite one and create a poster on it - what are some of the characteristics of the God and why did you choose it as your favourite? You can make it as colourful as you like!