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This week, in Art, the children have really enjoyed going on a hunt for leaves and sticks so they can create their own Bonfire Night pictures! Children were able to identify that we need dry leaves only as the wet leaves wouldn't have stuck to the paper as well.


We discussed why people celebrate Bonfire Night and the impact Guy Fawkes has had hundreds of years later. We talked about the importance of safety and how to keep ourselves and others safe by only allowing grown-ups to set up and let off the fireworks and to not go anywhere near the fire. 

In Art, we have been building on our current knowledge of sketching. The children were introduced to new techniques to create effects on their sketching's of a view from a castle. We recapped over using different sketching pencils to create different effects including using darker pencils to create the shadows. The children really enjoyed experimenting with their skills and they created some fantastic pieces that are going on display in our classroom! 

We have been developing our understanding of pencil shade and tones and how we can vary the effects of our sketching using darker and lighter pencils. We looked and 'B' and 'H' pencils and discussed their meaning. Then, we experimented with these pencils and compared them. After this, we applied our knowledge to a sketch of the new King Charles III.

We are in the process of applying our skills and understanding of sketching techniques to a landscape piece - the view from a castle window. We have been practising different elements of our landscapes and thinking carefully about which pencils we will use to create specific effects. We will then build on this to produce our finished pieces.