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31/10/2022 - 04/11/2022 

This half term we have moved onto developing our skills in dancing! Our topic for this half term is Amazing Animals, so the children have chosen an animal and discussed how their chosen animal would move to the music. We talked about how a bigger animal would be a lot slower and make bigger movements, whereas smaller animals would be a lot quicker and more agile. 


We listened to the animal music and I showed the children two dance moves and then they had to copy and repeat the actions. Then, I made it trickier by adding more and the children had to copy. This has helped develop their skills of being able to copy and repeat actions. 

We have continued our dance focus over the past few weeks and have learnt more about 'improvising independently' and have been developing our movement skills. We have also been working in small groups to rehearse a routine to music and we will be performing these soon!