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PE and Sport in Clumber Class

Week commencing 18th November 2019


Clumber Class have mixed their gymnastics skills and catching skills this week. Using a tennis ball each the children have done different moves: straddle, tuck and puck (a cross between a pike and a tuck), then passing the ball to a partner.
The children held a ball between their knees in a standing tuck position and had to crouch down then roll back into a shoulder tuck. 
The children practiced their catching skills by doing different jumps while trowing a tennis ball into the air and catching it again. Well done Clumber Class you have worked very hard. 

Week commencing 11th November 2019


Clumber Class have continued with their gymnastics this week in P.E. They did different types of gymnastics jumps. The children practised jumping jacks, straight jumps, tuck jumps and half turn jumps. Once the children had practised all of the jumps they worked in small groups to create a routine to show to the rest of the class. 

Week commencing 4th November 2019


This week in P.E Clumber Class have been doing gymnastics. The children had to perform different moves such as: a pike, a straddle and a tuck starting from different positions. Either in their back, shoulders or standing. The children had to think about their balance also, which made their moves smoother. Some children gave fantastic demonstrations to the rest of the class, showing how to do the moves. Miss Earle was so impressed with the whole class. 

Week commencing 7th October 2019


Clumber Class began their P.E lesson this week with a warm up doing different stretches led by Jake, who was very confident in leading the class and the rest of the class enjoyed it very much.

The children have been working on their catching skills, whilst thinking how to position their bodies, hands and feet to receive a ball. With a partner the children used a tennis ball roll to each other, making sure they were in the correct position. They also had to bounce the ball into a hoop before it bounced to their partner for them to catch. When throwing the ball to each other the children had to think about the speed and accuracy the needed to use to make sure that their partner would be able to catch it correctly. 







Week commencing 30th September


During their P.E sessions this week Clumber Class have had a lot of fun with Miss Earle and Tony. 

With Tony the children worked on their ball control. Thinking about how hard they needed to bounce a ball to keep it moving in either a straight line or weaving in and out of cones until they reached the hoop at the end. Also moving at different paces to make it more of a challenge. 

The children really enjoyed moving like animals with Miss Earle. They had to use all of their bodies to stretch, twist or bend to create the animals. Thinking about the pace and speed the animals would move around. Using balance for slow animals and navigating around each other for fast moving animals. 

Week commencing 23rd September


Clumber Class have been having fun in P.E working on their throwing skills. They all started off by warming up: running around the hall in one direction and listening for Miss Earle telling then to change to the opposite direction. Also listening which number was called out: 1 star jumps, 2 run, 3 stop. To practice their throwing skills the children worked with a partner doing chest passes, rolling the ball and bounce passes. Thinking about the force in which they needed to use to make the ball go the correct distance to their partner. The children then used what they had learnt in games incorporating the different ball passes. 

Week commencing 16th September 2019


In P.E this week Clumber Class has been focusing on ball control. Using a tennis ball each they have used a range of skills enabling them to control it at different speeds. Thinking about how to move without loosing control while bouncing it and changing direction when moving. Listening carefully to instructions from Miss Earle about what speed and direction to move in. 

In P.E this week Clumber Class have been thinking about their throwing and catching skills. The children enjoyed throwing a bean bag into a hoop at different distances. Thinking about aim and accuracy as well as the speed of which to throw the bean bag. The children all showed good hand eye coordination skills.