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Today we are going to be learning how to make comparisons between areas and understanding the language we use to do this. This will allow us to consolidate our learning and understanding of area so far to be able to describe our ideas. 


Have a look at the video and then complete the worksheet. I have also attached the answers for you to check your work. Let me know how you get on smiley



We would normally have our ICT lesson today, so please use this time to complete some Purple Mash activities, read some books on Bug Club and log on to TTR. 



Listen to Chapter 10 of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


What should Charlie do with the money he finds?

Think about the different options Charlie could choose – which would make the most interesting story? Why?


Choose a story path and write the next part of the story to describe what Charlie does with the money he finds. Try to challenge yourself to include accurately punctuated speech, which we discussed yesterday. Think about the vocabulary you could use to make it exciting or to add suspense. Again, you could think back to previous lessons to help you with this. 


Maybe Charlie donates his money to charity instead? Would that be a good thing to do? Or does his desire for the ticket outweigh that? Should he try and find whose money it could be? 



I would like you to create a performance today! I have uploaded an Oompa Loompa song underneath for some inspiration. You can either create your own song based on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, play your own tune on any instruments you have at home or make up a dance to the rhythm of an Oompa Loompa song! If you don't have any instruments, you could always make your own to help you. 


I would love to see a video of your performance - please send them to