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Today we are going to focus on reading comprehension. 

The text is one of the Greek Myth stories as our next piece of writing will be based on Greek myths and legends. 


Please remember to:

1. Read the text carefully first

2. Underline anything that is important or tricky to understand. 

3. Read the question carefully and underline key words. 

4. Go back the the text, find and underline your key words. 

5. Answer using the words from the text where possible - don't forget your 'because'. 


Today in spelling we are looking at how we can use syllables to help us spell words that begin with a prefix. 

Have a look at the information on the sheet then complete the task.


Today we are going to look at equivalent fractions. 

Watch the video below then have a go at the questions. 

Spr5.4.2 - Equivalent fractions (1) on Vimeo 


This week, we are going to look at Democracy in Ancient Greece. 

Have a read through the Powerpoint and then complete the task attached.