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Morning Task


Each morning this term, we will be practicing our arithmetic skills with a few questions based on our prior learning. The questions will be simple to begin with and then become trickier throughout the week. Please take as long as you need on the questions, as this is a new task for Clumber Class which would have been introduced today.



This week in maths, we are going to recap our learning from Autumn term 1 and 2.


Please complete this table which includes 6 different tasks. Try to use all the different methods you have learnt during your time in Year 3.


If you have forgotten any methods, don't worry, just try your best!


However, if you found the task too easy, please have a go at the extension task.



For your English task, we will be focusing on developing our comprehension skills.


Please take your time to read the comprehension. It is about New Year all over the world. After you have read the text, please answer the questions. Your answers need to be written in sentences, unless the question states otherwise.


Remember to underline the information in the text before writing your answer!



For your topic task today, we will be thinking about creating our own New Year resolutions. 


Do you know what New Year resolutions are? Why do people have New Year resolutions?


Please read the PowerPoint to learn all about New Year and find out the answer to the questions above.


Now, think about your own new year resolutions.


What would you like to achieve this year? Try to relate them to school. Would you like to develop your art skills, handwriting or even improve your sports skills?


Please complete the worksheet below.



In EGPS, we will be recapping prepositions. 


A preposition describes where an object is. For example: The cat is behind the tree.

Behind is the preposition as it is explaining where the cat is.


Please read the PowerPoint and have a go at the activity.