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Can we call Grace O'Malley a pirate?


This half term, our focus is on historical enquiry and conducting research to answer our key question. 


For our first lesson, we learnt all about the life of Grace O'Malley - can you tell your grown ups what happened to her? We discussed how she cut her hair off to stow away on a boat, which she later ended up leading. We learnt how she met the Queen and then worked for her, protecting the seas around Great Britain. We will continue to investigate more about her life and think about what life may have been like for people in the 1600s and 1700s. Hopefully we will soon be able to answer our question! 

This week, we thought about how we answer questions such as 'what was it like for people?' and we looked at how things were different during Grace O'Malley's life in comparison to today. We studied topics such as transport, housing, heating, communication and clothing and learnt more about what they were like in the 16th Century and compared this to what they are like today. We thought about what life may have been like for Grace and how she may have lived.