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Friday 27th



Today I would like you to apply the skills from yesterday to subtract fractions using different denominators. If you are subtracting fractions using different denominators you need to change both denominators to the same denominator. To do this you need to find the lowest common multiple or you could multiply both numbers together. E.g


8/ 9 - 2/4 =


Multiply 9 with 4 to make 36. Whatever you do to the bottom you need to do to the top.


32/36 - 18/36 = 


Then subtract the numerators.


14/36- Can we simplify?


Yes! We can change it to 7/18.


Try the following questions. 



Today for your Big Write I would like you to write an advertisement. To start with you will need to design and draw your product. Think carefully about what your product is going to be creating and how it differs from products we already have on the market. Then I would like you to create an advertisement for this product. You need to include:

- a catchy jingle

- a slogan

- persuasive writing encouraging the reader to buy

- additional information about the product including a description.



Ask a grown up at home to test you on this weeks spellings. Send your scores through to me using the class email address.


Remember to email your completed work to