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Morning Work

Here is this weeks arithmetic mini-test. See if you can beat last week's score!


Today we are going to finish looking at equivalent fractions. Use the presentation and have a go at the questions. You can choose bronze, silver or gold. 


Note: To use the audio clips, take the presentation out of full screen mode and hover the mouse over the icon, a play button should appear underneath for you to click. 


For GPS today, please ask an adult to test you on your spellings. Let me know how you did on am email.


For Big Write today I would like you to write a newspaper report. 

Have a look at the objects in the picture. Imagine these have just been discovered and you are writing the report about this. 

Try to include: 

- What the objects are and why they are important

 - Where and when they were discovered.

 - Who discovered them

 - Where they will go next

 - How the discovery happened

 - a headline and other features of a newspaper report.


For the next few PSHE lessons, we are going to be continuing our online safety using a series of videos. There is a workbook to go with these that we will complete in sections as well as a PowerPoint and additional tasks to go along with it.


To watch the first video (Film 1), follow this link:

I would then like you to use the presentation to help you complete the task sheet and pages 2,3 and 4 of the workbook.