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Today we are focusing on dividing by 5. Recap with a grown up, what does division mean? It means sharing into groups. Watch this video and then complete the worksheet afterwards.


Today, we are going to start looking at non-chronological reports. This is a non-fiction type of writing. We are going to be looking at a non-chronological report all about witches! What do you already know about witches? The first part talks about year 2 spellings. Please note these are not the spelling words that children need to practise for their test. Here is the lesson link. I would like you to watch the video and then complete the activity.

Religious Education:

Today we are focusing on another bible story which is the lost sheep and the Good Samaritan.  Have a look at the video. Talk with an adult, how long would it take you to look for your lost toy? Who is your neighbour? Would they look out for you? I would like you to complete the art activity. I would like you to research pictures of farms. What kinds of texture might you think would be on a farm? From a selection, choose materials to create a farm-based collage. You might use cotton wool for the sheep, feathers for the chickens, crepe paper for the grass and wood chippings for the fences. If you have not got the resources for this, you can draw a farm and label the materials you would use. 


In Phonics today, we are going to be looking at our spellings. Our spellings are near homophones. This means that the words are pronounced almost the same as another word but has a different meaning and spelling. For example, 'quite' and 'quiet'. I would like you to complete the activities on the powerpoint and then complete the activity sheets afterwards.