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As this is the last week of half term, we are going to spend some time recapping what we have already learnt and ensure we are all comfortable with these concepts. Please let me know if there is anything you would like extra help on. 


Today, we are recapping the use of the four operations in the context of money. Have a go at the following questions and then check your answers using a calculator. 


1. £4.73 + £3.85

2. £8.27 + £3.40

3. £11.37 + £32.85

4. £106.54 + £132.45


5. £28.76 - £14.53

6. £49.54 - £37.28

7. £36.52 - £31.47

8. £85.29 - £42.37


Then, if you are feeling confident about this topic, give the attached sheet a try. 



Last week you planned a newspaper article to persuade readers to buy your new chocolate bar. You should have planned to use all of the features of persuasive writing using the planning structure. Now, today's task is to write this up in full as a newspaper article. Think about how you are going to engage the reader - you will need a headline and maybe a picture to help. Remember, as the visual aids are limited in a newspaper article, the most persuasive part is going to be the language that you use. Have a go at writing it to look like a real article - you can do this by hand or on the computer.


I can't wait to read them! As always, send photos or work to



This week's PHSE focus is on climate change. This is such an important issue going forward and we have an opportunity to make a positive impact if we are educated on the issue. Have a look at the PowerPoint and make some notes on the discussion points on the slides. 


There is also a wordsearch for you to try to give you an insight into the vocabulary surrounding climate change. This is optional, but I thought it might be something you would enjoy smiley



For our final lesson on the Aztecs, we are going to learn about Aztec warriors. I have uploaded a clip from BBC Bitesize, so have a watch of that first. 


Think about what the Aztec warriors looked like. What do you like or dislike about their headdresses or shields? Why might the warriors dress like this?


The task today is to create your own Aztec warrior headdress or shield. You can choose! Try and think about the materials you may need in order to create your piece. Are you recreating the Jaguar or Eagle warrior? Why?


If you do not have the materials available for this task or are unable to collect natural materials to help you, please just draw and label what yours would have looked like.