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Taste Challenge! (11.03.16)

We were really lucky this morning to be the first class to have Miss Dilks come in from Sainsbury's to do a taste challenge with all of the children in the school. Some of us were a little bit nervous about trying new things but we all gave everything a really good go! We tried mackerel pate and humus, cottage cheese on crackers and freshly cut kiwi (without the furry skin, to Finlay's relief), as well as uncooked mushrooms and broccoli. Some of us liked everything but no-one liked nothing, and some of us discovered some new foods that we liked. Toby said that 'it just goes to show that everyone's taste buds are different' when he hated the mackerel pate but thought his mum would love it. Kiwi and cottage cheese were the most popular foods; look through our pictures for more of our reactions...! 


Top Tip: Go to the end of the gallery on the next page and scroll backwards to view photos in chronological order :-)


Thank you, Miss Dilks, for a fantastic experience - we really enjoyed having you with us!


We are going to be creating bar charts using the data we have collected about favourite foods this afternoon with Mr Selwood, as well as revisiting Venn diagrams and Carroll diagrams for sorting.