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Thursday 2nd December

This week there are two tasks on Purple Mash to complete for homework. Firstly, there is a multiplication race game which will test understanding of both multiplication and division facts. You can have a go at this as many times as you like - see if you can improve each time! There is also a task on electricity, which we studied in science a few weeks ago. The task is to describe each component of a circuit and note the scientific symbol. This will show how much you remember from our prior learning! 


If you have any trouble accessing Purple Mash, please complete some times tables work either on TTR or on paper. The science task can be completed on paper - you will need to draw the symbols for the switch, motor, battery, wire, buzzer and bulb. You then need to describe the function of each component. The tasks will be removed from Purple Mash on Wednesday 6th December, so please ensure they have been handed in by then. If you are completing the tasks on paper, this can be emailed or brought into school by Wednesday please.