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Week beginning 7th June 2021


This week in Maths we have been learning about ratio. We have learnt about the symbol for ratio and what it represents. We have also learnt about the relationship between ratio and fractions.



In English this week we have started our poetry unit. We have been reading the poem 'Rubbish Tip Alien' and have designed our own aliens made out of rubbish. We then started to write a poem using the layout of 'Rubbish Tip Alien' making sure we used the same amount of words on each line. We tried to make sure our poems rhymed and we used alliteration. Many children used thesaurus' to develop their vocabulary.



This week in DARE the children learnt about knife safety and the laws and legislations around carrying a knife. They approached this subject with maturity and understood the dangers of knives. 



In Science we have been learning about stars and galaxies. We created an information poster based on the facts that we learnt.