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Week beginning 19th July


Today we are going to be completing lots of fun activities!

First of all, I would like you to complete an 'ice cream' full of Rufford's memories! What have been your favourite memories in Rufford Class? Follow the picture and create your own!


Next, I would like you to write a survival guide for being in Rufford Class! What do you have to do in Rufford Class? Follow the picture to create your own!

Next, complete the maths video it has fun activities which they can follow.


Next, I would like you to build your own den! You can read or watch a film in your den, or do some drawing and colouring.



Tuesday 20th July


Today I would like you to complete the video here. You will need a scrap piece of paper and pencil. Please answer the questions about sports day Summer activity 2.2 on Vimeo.



Today I would like you to create your own zoo animal mask. Follow the link for videos to help the children complete this independently. CBeebies Makes | How to make an animal mask - Bing video

Do not worry if you don't have the resources! You can just use paper and crayons.



I would like you to complete the reading comprehension sheet about how a Kangaroo got its tail. Try and do this independently if you can. Your parents will be impressed at your comprehension skills!



Complete the Joe Wicks workout PE With Joe 2021 | Friday 22nd Jan - Bing video

Wednesday 21st July



For Literacy today, we are going to be planning a story about a day at the beach. Try to make this exciting by maybe visiting an underwater castle etc. Follow the PowerPoint for instructions.


Please complete the activities from the White Rose website. It recaps topics we have covered this year Summer activity 2.3 on Vimeo


For topic, I have set several different activities for children to complete on Purple Mash.

Thursday 22nd July


Today I would like you to complete the maths video please Summer activity 2.4 on Vimeo.



Today we are going to use our story map to write our story about a day on the beach. Remember to use exciting sentence starters, commas, full stops and capital letters, paragraphs, exclamation marks, contractions, similes and adjectives etc.


In the afternoon, complete an indoor scavenger hunt with your siblings or grown ups. If you are taking part in the teams meetings we are doing it on there.

Can you find...

a teddy bear

a sock


a book

a crayon or colour

a potted plant


a ball of any sort

salt and pepper


Friday 23rd July

Today is our last year in Year 2! I would like you to create a poster about your favourite moments in year 2.


I would also like you to write a letter to Miss Earle using the letter format.


For the afternoon, I would like you to do something fun. We are having a Rufford Party teams meeting so if you would like to join please respond to the marvellous me.