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If you would like your child to attend our school, please see full details of our admission arrangements below.


St Luke’s C of E (Aided) Primary School Shireoaks




The published admission number for St. Luke’s CE Primary School is 20 children per year. In the event of over subscription, all applicants for the reception year will be considered in accordance with admission criteria, as set out below.




Children who are allocated a place will be admitted full-time in September.


All children will be offered a school place from the September of the academic year in which they turn 5. Parents have the legal right to defer beyond this point and in such cases these arrangements need to be agreed with the school on an individual basis. Parents will be able to express preferences for schools and Parent's do have the right to defer entry until later in the school year or to take up a part time place. The Local Authority will make offers of places on the Offer Day.


In the case of multiple births (twins/triplets etc) the school will offer places, over and above the planned admission number where the child whose twin or sibling from a multiple birth is admitted.


Applications must be made through your home local authority. For Nottinghamshire residents, this can be found on the NCC website


The school operates a waiting list for its intake year group in partnership with Nottinghamshire LA. This is kept for a period of one year and prioritised following the oversubscription criteria. Please note the place on the waiting list can change.


Children with an Educational, Health and Care Plan and/or children with a Statement of Special Educational Needs that names St. Luke’s C of E Primary School will be admitted.


Any late applications received after the closing date will be accepted but considered only after those received by the closing date in line with the co-ordinated scheme. You are therefore encouraged to ensure that your application is received on time.




In the first instance contact should be made with the Admissions team at Nottinghamshire County Council or by contacting the school office on 01909 475821.


In Year application will follow the same criteria as for the first admissions. The school participates in Nottinghamshire County Council’s in-year coordinated scheme. In the event of a place being available in the appropriate year group then that will be offered by Governors but communicated to parents by Nottinghamshire County Council. If no places are available, the child’s name will be added to the waiting list and will be subject of movement up or down the waiting list as described above; parents will be offered the right of appeal.


Where mid-term applicants are received from children for whom this school is the named school in a statement of special educational needs or from children ‘looked after’ by the Local Authority the school will admit regardless of whether or not a place is available in that year group.


All other admission requests will necessitate the completion of the appropriate application form by parents/carers. Children will be admitted except where the admission would prejudice the provision of efficient education or the efficient use of resources. If the school is not oversubscribed all applicants will be offered a place.


All students admitted will normally be placed on the school roll at the start of the next term or half term unless there are genuine reasons for an earlier admission (e.g. students moving into the catchment area or coming under the Special Circumstances).




Parents may seek a place for their child outside of the normal age group, for example, if the child is gifted and talented or has experienced problems such as ill health. In addition, the parents of a summer born child may choose not to send that child to school until the September following their fifth birthday and may request that they are admitted out of their normal age group – to reception rather than year 1. Children should only be educated out of the normal age group in very limited circumstances. Nottinghamshire residents should submit a request in writing to Nottinghamshire County Council’s School Admissions Department.





1. Looked after children and previously looked after children.


2. Children who live in the Ecclesiastical Parish of Shireoaks and Rhodesia (catchment area) and have a sibling attending the school at the time of admission.


3. Children who live in the catchment area of the school.


4. Children who live outside of the parish of St Luke’s who have attended worship at a Church of England church or a church that is a member of “Churches Together in England” at least once per calendar month for the past year. Applications on denominational grounds must be supported by a supplementary form available from the school completed by the parent(s) with

verification from a minister of religion that the child and parent(s) have practised their faith by worship at least once per calendar month at the minister’s place of worship for at least the past year.


5. Children who live outside the catchment area and have a sibling attending the school at the time of admission.


6. Other children living nearest to the school at the time of application. Distances will be measured “as the crow flies” from the child’s home address to the main entrance of the school (using Local Authority software). In the event of two distances being equal, lots will be drawn and independently verified.


Within each category priority will be given to pupils who live closest to the school “as the crow flies”.




The following groups of children will be given special consideration by the Governing Body in their application to the school.


Children whose particular medical needs, mobility support needs, special educational needs or social circumstances are supported by written evidence from a doctor, social worker or other relevant professional stating that the school is the only school which could cater for the child’s particular needs. The evidence must be presented at the time of application.


Cases agreed under ‘special circumstances’ will take precedence over all the above numbered criteria. Except for criterion 1(looked after children).







For first admissions Nottinghamshire County Council will inform applicants of the outcome of their application and of their right to appeal.


The deadline for lodging appeals allows appellants at least 20 school days from the date of notification that their application was unsuccessful to prepare and lodge their written appeals. The appeal letter should be addressed to the Headteacher at the school.


NCC Fair Access Protocol


The school participates in the NCC Fair Access Protocol.