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This week's big question:

How has football influenced black history? 


The theme for 2022’s Black History Month is ‘Time for change; Action not words’ and in a recent interview, former England player Andy Cole shared his thoughts on the month, including highlighting the need for change in football and wider society. Cole feels particularly strongly about the lack of opportunities for black coaches and managers in English football.


Each year, Black History Month provides an opportunity for learning, reflection and change; to look at how things once were and to ensure we learn from the past to create a better future.   

This week's big question:

Should more be done to help rescue pets? 


British Value:



We talked about how we all have a voice. We can use our voice to share our opinions and support the things that matter to us. For some, this might be caring for pets in need. It might be that we own a pet, want to help a pet in need or can no longer care for a pet. These are all issues that affect us and we all have the right to give our opinions freely on them.