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Week beginning Monday 14th December


In English on Monday, we will be practising our inference skills in reading by solving a detective mystery. 

Read the text and decide who the suspects are. 

Look for clues about each suspect, what is the text telling us about each person? 

Decide who you think did it and explain why!

Wednesday 16th December

Think back to the sleigh you designed yesterday. 

Can you write a paragraph to describe your sleigh in detail. Think about all the descriptive language we have been using including noun phrases, similes, metaphors and personification. 

Remember, we want Santa to choose your design so be as clear as you can about why he will want yours. 


Thursday 17th December

On Thursday, can you write a letter to persuade Santa that your sleigh design is the best? Think about using alliteration, persuasive adverbs and modal verbs to help you. 


Friday 18th December

Finally on Friday, I would like you to create a persuasive advert to sell your sleigh to the public. This could be a poster for a shop window, a TV or radio advert, the choice is yours! Remember to think about who would be buying your sleigh and why yours is the best. Have fun designing!


For GPS this week, I have chosen a range of different (Christmas themed!) activities on topics we have already learnt but could do with a reminder of. 

For each task I have linked a video to remind you what each topic is if you need a reminder. 

Using brackets for parenthesis.

Using colons to link sentences.

Using fronted adverbials. 


For Maths this week, we have a range of different activities. Some of these include topics we struggled with on our assessments and some are just for fun. 

You will notice some activities include a game or are Christmas themed!

I have added videos to help you here:

Solving multi-step addition and subtraction problems.

Multiplying by 10, 100 and 1000.

Dividing by 10, 100 and 1000. 

Finding the area of compound shapes.

Triangle numbers. 


On Monday in computing, the class will be completing their Nativity Story Powerpoints. If you have this available, can you create one at home? 


On Wednesday afternoon, the children will have PE and then we will be looking at homework and completing our class novel: Spy Master. Perhaps you could complete some PE at home and spend some time reading on Bug Club, or a book of your choice. 


On Tuesday and Thursday afternoons we will be creating out Northern Lights artwork. 

Information for adults on how to complete this can be found on the following website:


If you don't have the relevant art materials at home, perhaps you could create one using coloured pencils or using a painting programme on your device? 


Friday 18th December

On Friday, the children will be taking part in a range of English, Maths and general knowledge quizzes and games during the morning and in the afternoon, we will have our class Christmas film afternoon. 

Here is the quiz for you to have a go at!

I would just like to thank everyone for all of your support over this term. Particularly when the children have needed to learn from home. The effort everyone has made has been incredible and all the children should be incredibly proud of everything they have achieved. 

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas holiday and come back in 2021 refreshed and ready to learn. 

Stay safe. 

Miss Hunter