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The Sunshine Suite

Welcome to The Sunshine Suite!

Picture 1 Mrs Bellamy
Picture 2 Mrs Batters

At. St. Luke's the Sunshine Suite provides the opportunity for children to learn and develop as a member of a small group. All work for each individual is carefully planned to enable a personalised learning environment where children work hard and make progress in literacy, numeracy and all other curriculum areas. Sessions in the Sunshine Suite are carefully planned and structured and different teaching and learning styles are effectively used to ensure each child learns in the most productive manner. Please have a look in the photograph gallery below to see examples of work and activities enjoyed by the children.

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Picture 25 Numeracy work on shape, space and measures
Picture 26 Numeracy games reinforcing learning in maths
Picture 27 Literacy letter writing work
Picture 28 Numeracy work using standard units of measure
Picture 29 Science work about food groups
Picture 30 Science work showing a page from an exercise log
Picture 31 Literacy and Design and Technology work
Picture 32 Literacy work, a recount following a school trip
Picture 33 Science work, a healthy diet pyramid
Picture 34 Collage work created in the style of David Hockney
Picture 35 Looking for wildlife in Clumber Park
Picture 36 Using magnifying glasses to look for minibeasts
Picture 37 Exploring patterns using gym ribbons
Picture 38 What a lovely setting for a Literacy lesson
Picture 39 A lovely day for a picnic in the park
Picture 40 What an interesting tree! We enjoyed sketching it
Picture 41 A great escape from some greedy geese and swans
Picture 42 We enjoyed looking around the church
Picture 43 Wow! what a wonderful stained glass window
Picture 44 A great picture for some future topic work
Picture 45 Using good balancing skills
Picture 46 Look how high we can climb
Picture 47 Hold tight everyone!
Picture 48 Having fun in the new playground at Clumber Park
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Picture 50
Picture 51
Picture 52
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Picture 54
Picture 55
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Picture 59
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