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Today we are looking at equivalent fractions. Use my teaching video to help you answer the questions smiley



This lesson I would like you to write a character description of Willy Wonka. We have already written one of these for Augustus Gloop, so this is a case of seeing what you can remember. Think about his appearance, his mannerisms, his personality, his characteristics. Remember to use descriptive language including similes and metaphors to enhance your ideas. 



This week in ICT I would like you to create a fact file on the Oompa Loompas from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. You could use Microsoft Publisher, PowerPoint or Word to present your ideas. You could work from the attached template or create your own ideas! 


Send your finished pieces to

Bug Club


Please use some time today to log on to Bug Club and do some reading. I am sure a lot of you will be reading your own books, which is great, but it is important to read these banded books too so that you are reading at an appropriate level. You can use the bug links in the books to answer questions and remember to talk to your grown up to summarise your reading!