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We are going to be completing some addition and subtraction of money using the column method. I have uploaded a teaching video to remind you how to do this. Once you have had a go at the questions, if you feel able, have a go at the challenge questions which are word problems. Remember from our learning last week how to decode these problems and then use your column method to work out the answers. Check with a calculator and let me know how you get on! 




1. £3.53 + £4.79

2. £8.62 + £5.60

3. £4.73 + £6.28

4. £12.47 + £18.58

5. £22.71 + £57.33


6. £13.48 - £9.16

7. £17.32 - £12.18

8. £37.69 - £14.82

9. £82.90 - £52.63

10. £145.28 - £92.17



Have a look at today's instalment of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, read by the wonderful Mrs Dilks. Then, use the ideas in the video to create your own Golden Ticket! 


Think about what information you need to include - perhaps the venue or the time - can you think of any others? I can't wait to see your creative designs! 



Here are this week's spellings for you to learn - have a go at practising them and test yourself at the end of the week!


- corrosion

- diffusion

- inclusion

- explosion

- division

- erosion

- occasion 

- precision

- mention

- possess


This week's grammar focus is cohesive devices. Have a look in the dictionary what the word cohesion means and then you could have a guess as to what we might be learning this week!


Cohesive devices link clauses or pieces of writing so that they have a sort of flow. Otherwise, there would be lots of short, sharp sentences which would be pretty tricky to read! Some examples of these that we have already covered are; conjunctions, pronouns and time connectives. 


Think about what each of these words mean and try to define all three. Can you give a list of examples for each one? Send them to



Today we are studying different climate zones. Do you know what the difference is between climate and weather?


The weather of a location is what is happening day to day, for instance one day it might be raining and the next sunny. The climate of a location is the weather conditions over a long period of time. So, the climate of a country may be arid, which means dry, however they might still experience days of rainfall. 


Have a look at the video of climate zones below. Then, without checking back if you can, define each zone and what it is like in that zone. You may choose to add pictures to illustrate your ideas too smiley