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Our school vision is:


 'Let your light shine, live life to the full, respect and care for all, create a happy and safe world for everyone.'





Science is one of the core subjects of the National Curriculum, along with English and Maths. At St. Luke’s we are passionate in enabling children to develop the skills to become independent scientists who are enthusiastic at exploring and investigating questions that they may have.



At St. Luke’s we strive to develop children’s enjoyment and interest in the science subjects. We aim to ensure that a full curriculum is planned and taught throughout school while building on children’s prior knowledge and capabilities. At St. Luke’s we encourage children to become independent, curious learners who ask questions to develop their thinking of the world. Our curriculum is purposeful and allows the children to develop their skills in a range of ways including investigating key questions, recording findings in a variety of ways, analysing results, making predictions and hypothesising. We incorporate our outdoor space in our learning of Science by using the eco garden to fulfil our wider learning experiences.



At St. Luke’s we ensure that staff have a good, up to date knowledge of the curriculum and the content taught at each year group. Teachers develop children’s thinking and understanding by asking differentiated questions to challenge all children’s abilities. Misconceptions are addressed and children are encouraged to develop their thinking and make links between knowledge taught in previous year groups. Children are encouraged to use the correct terminology and have a good understanding of the skills that they will need to complete a task. Work completed in science shows clear differentiation and progress across year groups and is presented in class displays, whole school displays and in workbooks. Children are given verbal and written feedback on the work that they have produced and understand the steps they must take to make progress in each lesson.



At St. Luke’s teachers regularly assess children and upload data onto our assessment programme ‘Depth of Learning’. Clear progress is demonstrated across the year groups using this system. We aim to ensure that children progress through year groups feeling ready to develop and build on their knowledge and skills. All children are given the opportunity to succeed and make good progress in Science. Evidence of good quality of work including a progression of skills can be found in the children’s topic books. By the time children leave St. Luke’s they will have an in depth knowledge of scientific concepts and have the ability to reach clear conclusion and develop a reasoned argument to discuss their findings.



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