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Week beginning 8th March 2021

Free sessions


As part of our membership to the School Games sports package, we have been sent a variety of links to some free sessions that children may like to attend. The session subjects vary and are aimed at children between 8 and 16. If you wish to attend any of the sessions you need to sign up via the link below. 


The sessions are:


  • Tuesday – Online Well Being Workshop - 4:30pm to 5:30pm
  • Wednesday – Lockdown Fitness – 4pm to 5pm
  • Thursday – Female Only HIIT Session 7pm to 8pm
  • Friday – Unit 03 Music Production Session 4pm to 5pm
  • Friday – Family Football Quiz – 6pm to 7pm


The sign up link is: 

It has been lovely to welcome the children back into school this week. I cannot believe how grown-up they seem since I last saw them in December. They have all settled back into the classroom routine and are keen to continue with their learning. 




This week in Maths we have been learning about Roman Numerals. The children completed a jigsaw, where they matched Roman Numerals to the digits. They also completed word problems. We have also started to look at negative numbers and we have played some games where we identified the difference between negative and positive numbers. 



In English we have been continuing to develop our comprehension skills and we have also been learning about chronological and non-chronological reports. Next week we will be learning to write our own non-chronological report based on the Victorians. 



We have continued to focus on significant scientists and inventors from the Victorian era. On Tuesday we started learning about Florence Nightingale and the work that she did in developing the work nurses did. The children were shocked at how hospitals had been run during the Victorian period and enjoyed looking at photographs and comparing them to hospitals presently.



The Victorian topic has continued this week. We have placed more of a focus on to the conditions of the workhouse. The children had lots of ideas, questions and comments about the running of workhouses and we had an excellent in depth conversation about the rights of the workers. We continued to learn about the conditions in workhouses and looked at photographs from Southwell workhouse in Nottinghamshire. 



This week we have been learning about the pronunciation of animals in Spanish. The children were all very eager to get involved and develop their language skills. 



We have been discussing the words equality, difference and discrimination and the importance of treating everyone equally and fairly.