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Monday 4th July

Pride Awareness Celebration

Today is our Pride Awareness Celebration Day so we are completing a range of activities relating to Pride. Have a look at the activities below - think about what you are proud of and how you are different to those around you. Then, use the YouTube video to learn more about the history of Pride and answer the questions on the question sheet.


There are some debate cards which will encourage you to think about the vocabulary you use and how it may make others feel. Read the statements and discuss your ideas with a grown up.


Finally, there are some mindfulness colouring pages you could complete or a wordsearch of key terminology. 


Can you share with a grown up what we have learnt about Mayan history so far?

Then, use the slides to go through what everyday life might be like for Mayan people. Can you think of key questions to ask in order to give you more information?


Then, use the information sheet and the picture cards to find answers to your questions. You may also use the internet or books to find out more information. Record your ideas on worksheet 5B or 5C. 


We will be completing some outdoor physical activity today and will be practising sprinting, skipping and balancing. Please make sure you do some of your own physical activity if you can - the content of this is entirely your choice.