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The Deep


We all really enjoyed our trip to the Deep on Monday! We were able to see lots of different animals and learn about how they use slime to help them survive. The children also got to make their own slime! It was an excellent trip and the children behaved exceptionally well all day.


Thoresby Class

Meet a Creature! 


The children really enjoyed working with Dean from 'Meet a Creature' yesterday afternoon, which was for their reading reward. We were able to observe a range of animals as well as holding snakes, a chinchilla, some bearded dragons and even a tarantula! The children were really well behaved and Dean commented on what a pleasure they were to work with. There are lots of photos from the afternoon below. 


Thoresby Class



We have completed our puppets and have also carried out our puppet shows. Everyone worked really hard and the shows were great! We have a wonderful understanding of play scripts and applied our knowledge to create some fantastic stories. Well done Thoresby Class! 



Our self portraits


In art we have been working with clay to create a self portrait. We used mirrors to ensure we included accurate features! We had lots of fun creating and painting our portraits - the results of which are shown below.


Thoresby Class

Games Consoles


We have had great fun this week as we come to the end of our topic on Gaming and Technology. Children have worked really hard creating their own games console, as well as producing a PowerPoint and a music jingle to go alongside. The trip to the National Videogaming Arcade was really useful as groups re-evaluated a range of their designs and made lots of amendments once we got back to school, based on what they had seen at the arcade.


We invited the rest of the school into Thoresby Class so we could show them our designs and our presentations. The other children loved seeing what we had been up to and playing on the consoles!


Great work by everyone, well done Thoresby Class! Pictures of the finished designs are below.



BBC 500 Words Competition


Thoresby Class have had a lot of joy with the competition this year! All pupils entered the competition and received a personalised certificate. Then we found out that one of our class had been selected for round 2 of the competition, meaning she made it to the top 5000 entrants! What a fantastic achievement - well done Sophie. We have also been lucky enough to receive a pair of tickets to the final in London for one member of our class!


Thank you to all the children for their commitment to the competition - hard work really does pay off! 


Thoresby Class

Progress with our games consoles!

Rhymecraft Competition


As you may already know, Thoresby Class entered the Rhymecraft competition in association with  Young Writers. All the children created fantastic poems and some have been chosen for publication! This is wonderful news and I am really proud of all the children who entered the competition. They have shown a wonderful commitment to their learning this year and these occasions are a great cause to celebrate. 


Miss Phillipson

Outdoor Maths!


This week we enjoyed an outdoor maths lesson and managed to complete it before the rain came! We completed a treasure hunt relating to time, and children had fun running around the playground trying to find clocks showing the correct times. In order to find the relevant time, pairs had to complete the word problems and these were tricky!


The lesson was great fun and children learnt a lot about time. It would be great to see children working on their time knowledge at home too - being able to read the analogue clock is a really important skill to have!


 Have a wonderful Easter break.


Thoresby Class

Thank you to all the children and parents who created such wonderful battleship designs! Whether you made your design by yourself or you asked your grown ups for some help all designs are equally fantastic and I was really proud of everyone's efforts. Please take a look at the brilliance below! 


Evacuee Day!


Thank you to all the children and parents for your fantastic effort in making our 'Evacuee Day' a success! The children all looked absolutely amazing and had a wonderful time completing a range of activities throughout the day.


We started off by identifying silhouettes of friendly and enemy planes before moving on to breaking some codes. We followed this by creating our own gas masks and having a discussion about evacuees and our own family experiences of this. Children had the opportunity to share what they had packed in their bags and we had a very emotional time reading the letters parents had written for their children! We all had our dinner together as a class, which everyone loved, and in the afternoon we created some wonderful artwork symbolising the hope and freedom of the people held within Nazi concentration camps. 


Thank you all so much for the support we received in preparation for Evacuee Day - we all had such a great time! There are lots of pictures below so you can see some of the fun we had.


Thoresby Class

Young Writers


Children in Thoresby Class have all written a poem to enter into the Rhymecraft competition in association with Young Writers! Children created their own settings, characters and ideas and incorporated a range of poetic features we had covered in our literacy lessons in order to enhance their poems! Topics ranged from Candy Lands to animal races and we are excited to send off our entries in the hope of winning lots of books for our school. 


Wish us luck!

Thoresby Class 

Welcome back!


Welcome back to a new term in Thoresby Class. This half term we have introduced 'Topic Tuesdays', where we will cover a range of cross curricular activities linking to our topic - The Battle of Dunkirk. Today we have been rescuing passengers in maths, summarising key events of the battle and creating a timeline of the war! 


We are all looking forward to the next 'Topic Tuesday' to see what exciting activities will be taking place! 


Thoresby Class

The Christmas Code!


Thank you to everyone who attended our nativity play last night.The children had a great time performing and looked fantastic in their costumes! Thanks to all the adults who provided the costumes and made sure the children were comfortable whilst performing.


The children performed really well and all of the staff who stayed to watch were very proud of them. They all sang their hearts out! 


Thank you once again and have a wonderful Christmas.

Miss Phillipson


P.S - there are some photos below! 

The Christmas Code

Happy 1st December!


Here in Thoresby class we can't believe it is December already! This year has really flown by so far. This week we have been busy classifying 2D shapes based on their properties, and we have just finished writing our biographies on a chosen famous person in literacy. In line with the recent anti bullying week we have discussed the consequences of bullying in PHSE and we have also learnt about the life cycle of a plant in science! We are busy rehearsing the songs for our Christmas play and have been able to move on to singing with the backing track instead of the words. 


Enjoy the first day of December and have a lovely weekend!


Thoresby Class

The Christmas Code!


We are about to start preparations for our Christmas play in Thoresby Class. The children have been allocated their roles and have their scripts to be able to learn their lines at home - I am looking forward to seeing the progress they have made over the past couple of weeks! As we only have 13 children taking part in the play this year it is really important the children are comfortable and prepared to sing and speak loudly and clearly! 


Our performance of the play is on Wednesday 13th December at 6pm - we hope to see you all there. Information regarding tickets will be available in due course. 


If you have any queries please feel free to contact me.


Thank you,

Thoresby Class

A busy start to this half term!


We have had a very busy start to the term in Thoresby class and have already completed lots of learning. We have learnt a range of ways to multiply in maths, we've researched evidence surrounding the first people to reach the top of Mount Everest in literacy and carried out an experiment in science! 


Children are settling in to the class and our routines really well and there is lots more discovering to be done over the next few weeks! 


Keep updated by checking our class page when you can.

Thank you,

Thoresby Class

Autumn 2 Overview Planning

Inspired by Picasso!


This week in our art lessons we have been painting ceramic plates. This is because we have been researching the work of Picasso and found out that he began to paint pottery and ceramics instead of paintings! He was worried his paintings would fade over time, so decided that he could paint on to ceramics and use a kiln to ensure his designs would stand the test of time. We took a look at some of his work and used it as inspiration for our own! 


Here are some of the results. 






Thoresby Class

Fun with Sunita! 


We have had a visit from Sunita this morning, who told us the story of Rama and Sita. We learnt about the Hindu Gods and the celebration of Diwali. This is happening on the 19th October and children should be able to tell you all about it over the weekend! 


Here are a few photos from the morning.



Thoresby Class

Friday 22nd September


Good Afternoon,


Children are settling in really well to Thoresby Class this year, and have already produced some wonderful pieces of work! 


We have worked hard on our mental maths this week, as well as the use of conjunctions in our writing and justifying our opinions in R.E. 

Children have most enjoyed producing their own artwork, inspired by Picasso's cubism. Here are a few examples:






Next week we will have lots of exciting news to share, including the results of our homemade carrot muffins!


Thoresby Class

Happy Friday! 


We have had a very full week this week in Thoresby Class, starting our full curriculum timetable. We have looked at place value in maths, non-chronological reports in literacy, explored Picasso's famous Guernica painting and completed two rounds of a circuit in P.E!


Here are a few wonderful photos from our R.E lesson, where we looked at various images of prayer, and discussed Christian commitment to God. 




Thanks for reading! 

Thoresby Class

The first week in Thoresby Class! 


We have had a lovely couple of days in Thoresby class this week. The children have been working on creating their own animal based on characteristics they have so I can get to know them better. We have had animals such as Iglona the Dophlysh, Tina the Mooeesett and Jeff the Marabeb! The children have really enjoyed creating their animals, as well as deciding on its name, diet and habitat. 


We then created the animals from salt dough, and have spent the morning painting them!




Children will be bringing their creations home this weekend - we hope you love them as much as we loved making them!


Until next week,

Thoresby Class

Thoresby Class Learning Letter

Yearly Overview 2017-2018

Autumn 1 Overview Planning