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For Maths, we are going to be starting a new topic, 2D and 3D shapes! Do you know what 2D and 3D shapes are? What is the difference between them both? I would like you to watch the video and complete the worksheet.


Watch this fun video to help you learn the 3D shapes!


In Science, we are starting to learn about plants. In this lesson, you will be looking at different parts of plants and whether you can label these correctly. I would like you to watch this video . I would then like you to read through the powerpoint. After this, I would like you to draw a diagram of a  plant, label the different parts and explain their function.


In EGPS today, we are focusing on our spelling this week. The spelling rule is adding -ing, -ed, -er, -est and -y to words. Complete the PowerPoint and the tasks. I wonder if you can crack the code!

Reading comprehension

Our new topic is Pirates for this term. I would like you to read the text and answer the reading comprehension questions.


For Literacy today, we are going to be learning all about pirates! What do you know about pirates already? I would like you to write this down on a scrap piece of paper. I would like you to watch this video How would you describe the pirates? Do they look scary or friendly? What are they wearing? I would like you to go on to Purple Mash and complete the 2do. This task is for you to imagine you are a pirate about to go out to sea! I would like you to write in the speech bubble about what you are going to find and the adventures you may have. Will you make anyone walk the plank? Will you find treasure? If you really want to get into character, here is a dance video which you can follow!