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To continue our week of recapping prior learning, today we will be checking our knowledge of area and perimeter.


Your task is to find at least 5 objects in your house and, using a ruler or tape measure, measure the length of each side to calculate the area and the perimeter of each item. 


You could set your work out in a table:

Name of object Length of sides Area (cm2/m2) Perimeter (cm/m)
Pencil Case 4cm, 8cm, 4cm, 8cm 32cm2 24cm




If we were in class, we would be editing, improving and writing up our newspaper articles from yesterday. Therefore, I would like you to do this at home. Have a look back at your work from yesterday - is there anything you could do to improve it? Could you add more detail or use synonyms to improve your language? Have you checked all spellings and grammar? Once you are happy with your piece, I would like you to hand write your work. You could add your own drawings as well if you wanted to. Try to present it as a newspaper article using your neatest writing.



This week we are looking at different tenses within writing. Have a look at the below lesson on Oak Academy - you will need a pencil and some paper.


This week's spellings are:


- reins

- freight

- weight

- neighing 

- eighteenth 

- neighbourhood 

- obeyed 

- convey

- survey

- separate 



Last week you did a local land use survey where you studied the local area and decided whether it would be a good place for a chocolate factory. 


The task this week is to present your ideas on why you would choose this area. If you decided your area would not be good for a factory, have a think about where you would have it and present your ideas on this area instead.


Why is it a good place for a factory? Why should local residents or those with an interest in the area accept this factory? What benefits will it bring to the area? How will you encourage people to support you and your factory?


You can present your ideas however you would like - a poster, a written paragraph, online presentation or any other way you can think of!