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This week, something super exciting happened in Rufford Class! We were just completing our Cold Write to write a letter and Mrs Dilks came into the classroom to deliver a scroll that had come to school addressed to our class. We read the letter, which was a funny colour and was burnt all over the edges! It was from someone named Tom who was asking for help because some pirates were coming to his village - he lived on 'The Hill'. We couldn't believe it and spent all of our break time looking for clues of who had dropped it off at the school office. 


After break, we came back into class and read our new class book 'The Pirates are Coming' and we found out that Tom was the son of the Pirate Captain! He had tricked us into helping him! We will be sending a letter back to him in the next few weeks to let him know what happened in class and how we felt when we found out the truth! 

This week, alongside all of our reading activities, we have been focusing on the features of a letter. We reread our letter from Tom and then looked at what it included, creating a list of features together. We then worked with a partner to highlight these features and text mark the letter! We have a super understanding of letters now and are looking forward to being able to write our letter back to Tom in the next few lessons smiley

This week, we continue to learn more about letters and have planned our own letter to Tom. Some of us are cross with him for tricking us but some have been a bit more friendly and we plan to ask him some interesting questions! We will be putting his address on the letter so that people know where to send it! We have also focused on editing our work and how to read back through to amend any mistake or improve our writing. We know how to use purple pen to show any changes we have made in our work.